Best Sunday Roasts in Devon

Welcome to the scenic shores of Sidmouth, where Hotel Riviera stands proudly on the esplanade, offering an inviting haven for couples and families seeking a tranquil retreat. Nestled in the coastal area of Devon, Sidmouth has been a cherished destination for generations, including members of the royal family, drawn to its understated charm.

While most come here to relax by the beach and delve into a restorative weekend, a trip to Devon cannot be completed without enjoying a traditional Sunday roast. A Sunday roast features a delectable ensemble of succulent meats, crispy roast potatoes, rich gravy, and a medley of seasonal vegetables. This warming communal feast is the weekend meal that brings families and friends together and when in the area, you'll find an array of charming venues vying for the title of the best Sunday roasts in Devon.

Throughout this blog, we aim to be your culinary guide, presenting a carefully curated list of the best Sunday roasts in Devon. Whether you prefer the cosy ambience of a pub or a fine dining experience, discover a curated list of places to enjoy the best Sunday roasts in Devon.

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The Hotel Riviera: An Exceptional Sunday Roast by the Sea

You don’t have to go too far from Sidmouth to find the best Sunday roasts in Devon, in fact, one of the best roasts can be found right on the esplanade . The iconic Hotel Riviera offers a culinary haven that invites guests to experience the epitome of fine dining, perfectly complemented by a stay in our luxurious accommodation. Situated with a beach-front view, our hotel restaurant offers not just the best Sunday roast in Devon, but the best in the region.

Step into our fine dining restaurant, adorned with velvet tones, white tables, and a relaxing ambience for you to enjoy a delicious Sunday roast in Devon. Our chef curates discerning menus that seamlessly blend international flavours with the best of English cooking. The emphasis on fresh local produce, particularly seafood, creates a culinary journey that delights the palate. Among our offerings, indulge in the Sirloin of Devonshire Beef served with Yorkshire Pudding, fresh watercress, roasting jus, and a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables accompanied by delicious roast potatoes.

Our restaurant is open not only to hotel residents but also to non-residents, inviting everyone to partake in the culinary excellence within our walls. Choose from an extensive à la carte menu or explore the Table d’hote Luncheon and Dinner menus, each offering a unique selection of gastronomic delights to compose your roast. Conveniently located within the hotel, the restaurant offers more than just exquisite dining; it presents an opportunity for guests to unwind and soak in the perfect view of the beach. The luxurious surroundings ensure that every meal is not just a feast for the taste buds but a complete sensory experience.

The Pig and Whistle: A Great Value Sunday Roast near Totnes

As you seek the best Sunday roasts in Devon, this family-owned gem that is The Pig & Whistle should be on your radar. The pub, rooted in the owners' South Devon upbringing, exudes a warm, traditional atmosphere. Upon entering, guests are welcomed by a quintessential country pub ambience—log fireplaces and a bar serving a delightful range of old and new world wines from local supplier Regency Wines of Exeter. The Pig & Whistle prides itself on its dedication to local and high-quality produce, sourcing a diverse selection of meats from the nearby butcher.

The chef's expertise shines through in their Sunday roast offerings, which include roast leg of pork, extra mature topside roast beef, roast lamb, roast turkey, mixed meat roast, meatless roast, and a delectable vegan nut roast. The Sunday roasts in Devon at The Pig & Whistle is a symphony of flavours, featuring Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, roast potatoes, and seasonal vegetables, all complemented by the chef's own rich and savoury gravy. Children are also catered to with special portions available. Beyond the gastronomic delight, The Pig & Whistle invites you to soak in the charm of its surroundings by taking a stroll post-roast along the river nearby.

Court Farm Inn: A Sunday Roast in the Heart of Abbotskerswell

Nestled in Abbotskerswell, the Court Farm Inn offers a genuine taste of the best Sunday roasts in Devon. Housed in a Grade 2 listed 17th-century Devon Longhouse, this historic establishment brings forth a straightforward and welcoming environment. The Court Farm Inn is committed to local and fresh ingredients, sourcing from nearby suppliers for both food and drinks. Choose from four meat options—typically beef, turkey, lamb, and pork—along with vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives, including a vegan-friendly nut roast. Serving from 12.00 pm to 08.30 pm, the Court Farm Inn provides a classic Sunday roast in Devon experience with an array of accompaniments. From four vegetables and cauliflower cheese to homemade stuffing, Yorkshires, and a flavoursome gravy, every detail is catered to.

Even the little ones are considered with special children's roasts available. The rustic charm of beams, brasses, fireplaces, and flagged floors adds to the unpretentious allure of the restaurant. With both indoor and outdoor seating, including a charming beer garden, the Court Farm Inn invites you to relax and savour your meal in a laid-back setting. This 17th-century Devon Longhouse isn’t just a place to eat but a genuine farm-to-table experience. With a focus on quality ales, wines, and daily home-cooked food, the Court Farm Inn welcomes you to partake in a straightforward and satisfying Sunday roast in the heart of Abbotskerswell.

The Hatch Croyde: Where Sunday Roast Meets Unpredictable Charm

The Hatch in Croyde doesn’t just offer one of the best Sunday roasts in Devon; it provides a scenery that oscillates between peaceful and lively, creating an ever-changing backdrop for your dining experience. For years, The Hatch has magnetised individuals, thanks to its unique atmosphere. Step inside the restaurant and you'll discover a place filled with soothing live music, a snug dining interior, and a capacious outdoor area. As Croyde's renowned free house, The Hatch has carved a niche for itself, offering a refreshing departure from the routine of the 'old but gold' Sunday roast outings.

Come here to experience one of the best Sunday roasts in Devon with a unique twist. Alongside an array of local ales and favourite tipples, this establishment urges customers to customise their meals. From lamb and pork to locally sourced veggies, there is something to suit every taste. Situated at the heart of Croyde, give a spin to your getaway and enjoy your Sunday roast differently.

As you revel in a traditional Sunday roast in Devon, consider extending your experience with a stay at the Hotel Riviera. Immerse yourself in the comfort of our accommodation, where luxurious furnishings meets seaside serenity. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway or a family retreat, the Hotel Riviera promises an unforgettable escape. Book your stay with us, and let the sumptuous flavours of our restaurant and the soothing atmosphere of Sidmouth create memories that linger long after your departure. Indulge, relax, and experience the best of British hospitality at the Hotel Riviera.