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Benefits of a Seaview Hotel

Everybody needs a break every now and then. When the Monday-to-Sunday monotony gets you down, it pays to stop, take a breath and remind yourself of some of life's little pleasures.

How about lounging on a sunny terrace with a cocktail in your hand and a gentle breeze on your face? Or slipping between clean, soft sheets, knowing you'll wake up in a wonderful mood? Or the biggest little pleasure of all: the soothing sound and horizon-hugging expanse of the sea?

You'll get all this and more at a good seaview hotel. But in case you're still considering that inland B&B, here are five reasons why a coastal location should top your list of holiday priorities.

The Sea is One of the Most Beautiful Things on Planet Earth

It's obvious, isn't it? You choose a seaview hotel when you want to spend time by the sea. Simple.

But have you thought about what that really means?

The sea isn't like the Mona Lisa or Michaelangelo's David. You don't gaze at it in a gallery then head to the cafe for a cup of tea. The sea is a living, changing, swelling, soul-affirming thing – and its beauty has beguiled us since our beginning.

People who live by the sea tend to be happier people. We reckon it's because they wake up every day to drop-dead gorgeous views and a profound sense of connection with planet Earth.

Stay in a seaview hotel and this could be your routine – at least for a few happy mornings.

The Beach is Only a Short Stroll Away

A 'short stroll' is subjective.

Ever seen a hotel advert claim that it's a hop and skip to the beach? Then when you turn up, you realise you've got to negotiate a dual carriageway and a haunted forest to get there?

This shouldn't be a problem with a seaview hotel. You're staying right on the coast, so you'll only have to cross one quiet road to reach gorgeous golden sands – or, at the very least, a pretty little harbour.

One short stroll – a truly short stroll – and the ocean is yours. Fish, chips and lapping waves, anyone? Sublime.

Oh, and talking of fish...

Seafood Doesn't Get Any Fresher

Now, we can't speak for every seaview hotel here – but when it comes to seafood, we take full advantage of our coastal location.

Yes, Devon and Cornwall boast more than 900 miles of coastline between them. That means there's seafood in abundance – and thanks to our cold, clean waters, every catch is top-notch.

Plus, our supplier is one of the fastest in the business. Their daily catch reaches our kitchen – and your plate – in less than 48 hours.

Of course, it's not all fruits de mer. We're fussy about freshness when it comes to meat and vegetables too. If you appreciate delicious local ingredients of any kind, you'll love what our head chef cooks up. No question.

You Can Enjoy Lungfuls of Fresh Sea Air

Is there anything better than standing next to the ocean and taking a big, deep breath?

Sea air is invigorating. It's revitalising. And to quote a famous British tourism poster from the 1930s, it's so bracing.

Perhaps that's why Victorian doctors used to prescribe seaside holidays like today's GPs hand out antibiotics. If you felt a little under the weather, they'd all but demand that you spend a week in Southport or Scarborough. Or, indeed, Sidmouth: the town our seaview hotel calls home.

Of course, staying in a seaview hotel like ours means you'll have all the ocean-kissed air you could ever want. Treat yourself to a seaside stroll, find a nice comfy bench on the promenade or just crack open a window. In any case, you'll be treated to some of the freshest, most breathable air you'll find anywhere.

The British Seaside is Still as Spectacular as you Remember

For many of us, the seaside stirs up happy childhood memories. Sandcastles. Sticks of rock. Splashing in the ocean and burying our siblings up to their necks. Bliss.

It's easy to assume those days have gone the way of dial phones and the dodo. But there's plenty of life in the British seaside yet. In fact, many seaside towns are seeing something of a revival.

And for good reason. The simple pleasures of the British seaside never really went away – and scores of Brits are busy rediscovering its charms in the 21st century.

There's something for everyone on our coasts. There are family-focused resorts peppered with arcades and colourful rides. And there are quieter, more peaceful towns like our town of Sidmouth, where shopping, nature and seaside walks take priority.

Whichever option you choose, staying in a seaview hotel puts you right at the heart of the action. If you want easy access to local amenities and attractions, it's a no-brainer.

Enjoy Quintessential British hospitality at our Seaview Hotel in Sidmouth

Have you heard of a 'staycation'? It's a growing trend – when the holiday season rolls around, Brits are swapping foreign climes for beauty spots and seaside towns within the UK.

Devon is among the most popular staycation destinations. And Sidmouth – our home – has remained one of Devon's top holiday spots since at least Victorian times. In fact, Queen Victoria herself lived in our coastal town when she was a baby.

If you love Regency style and the good old-fashioned British seaside, it's well worth a visit. And if you stay at our seaview hotel, you'll enjoy some good old-fashioned British hospitality to boot.

At Hotel Riviera, we offer the kind of effortless service and attention to detail that used to be the norm. When you stay with us, you can expect a warm welcome, deliciously refined food and more than a little regal glamour.

And best of all, we're perched right on the coast – so sweeping views from our seaview hotel are only a glance away.

How about it? Just give us a call or book online and we'll have your room ready in no time.